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The Stancil Logging Recorder is a recording solution for the OEM market. It is sold to end users and integrators wishing to include a recording solution into their overall product. You will quickly inherit a recording solution from a company which has been in this market for over seventy years. Stancil Logging Recorder is a simple to use, well documented, highly functional multi channel voice recorder. It can connect to IP audio network channels as well as the traditional voice circuits (analog, digital handsets, E1 and T1 ) to provide a multi channel view of your audio traffic. Stancil Corporation recognizes the complexity of providing a complete quality audio/video solution. Stancil Corporation has performed custom development for many OEM and sub-contractors that sell to federal law enforcement agencies, military intelligence services, special task forces, state and local law enforcement, and friendly foreign intelligence organizations. Not only does Stancil have the resource but also the corporate philosophy to ensure your solution has an inbuilt recording option. The areas of resources include, but are not limited to, different recording voice interfaces including analog, digital and IP; projects using RTP, RTSP, SIP and H323; web services, media and streaming.